Mannheim Steamroller Live at The Collins Center for the Arts

steamroller   The institution known as Mannheim Steamroller is a legacy of musical achievements. Through the years they have recorded countless albums, performed an inconceivable amount of concerts, and in their multi-decade realm of ever flowing notes they have recreated our traditional songs of Christmas cheer with perpetual flair, and have even conceived a catalog of new ones. Last nights flawless performance without spot nor blemish pleased us all with the warmest and most sincere collection of songs representing the Christmas season. Each member is sharply talented with their instrument of choice, and delve into another world with others. That was the first time I had ever seen it snow indoors as visual effects surrounded their tunes on a huge screen enhancing the experience . A splendid evening of valor and talent adorned the beautiful Collins Center for the Arts with such a well received response from an appreciative audience. Their much celebrated anniversary marks a passage of time duplicated by none, and has introduced a remarkably original idea and watched it flourish beyond what was most likely expected. A wonderful prelude to our Christmas cheer.

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