John Cleese/So Anyway (how to endure life as a python without getting constricted)

cleese    The eclectic manner in which this individual has portrayed himself through our time is one of sheer madness without the loss of mental capacity. The exterior delves beyond the realm of lunacy, whilst the inner humanity remains open, wounded, and honest. That is one small side of John Cleese. As wild as the antics have been whether they be the days of “Monty Python’s Flying  Circus”, “A Fish Called Wanda”, or appearances in a James Bond film as a genius scientist with quite the wit (or at least half of it), he has broken through the seal of relaxed entertainment and propelled his maddening talent as an innovator of comedic instability. By that I mean it is ever evident that his life has spilled onto the canvas that paints us a picture of his talent. His profuse over the top outbursts in the Python days releases a somewhat anxiety that he has been able to use for good, even though many times his heart may have been troubled in his real life. The very transparent words upon these pages translates his feelings into his work. He is quite the honest man in his writing, never really needing to read between the lines (which is extremely refreshing in this day in age). The admiration he had for his mother is a wonderful conceptual perpetual work in progress even though she had been doused within her eccentricities and fears which affected the family. His father , a loving and most patient man noticed what John was enduring alongside his own battle. On a lighter side, the shenanigans never do end, giving life to old bits as well as new ones. The unforgettable “Parrot Sketch”, and the seriously absurd maniacal goings on at “Fawlty Towers” have embraced a new form of insanity ala Cleese. An exhilarating window into the life of a gangly shy young man who soared upon sheep wings and onto a world unleashing a comedic view that does not border on lunacy but defines it…so anyway…

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