Jethro Tull/War Child/the fortieth anniversary theatre edition (continues to dance the days and nights away)

tull child     It’s the stuff that international intrigue is made of. So many albums are involved with each other, and each of them a wondrous notion of songs. The “War Child” album is held in high esteem simply for the fact that everyone knows the tune “Bungle in the Jungle”. And what a great tune it is. Better still, the intermingling of “A Passion Play”, and “The Chateau Disaster” album ring several bells (and not Solstice Bells). They all have their own characteristics. The family of music originally incorporated within these albums were spawned from the “Chateau” material. Redesigned and generally given new birth to spawn “A Passion Play”, once cohesively joined forever as an epic search for the secret of life and death. This research takes us back as far as the “Aqualung” album where that anniversary set features extra tunes found on “War Child”. But that’s quite enough of the young readers guide to the historical Jethro Tull lesson, or otherwise known as “Living in the Past” as such. This collection will spark fellow Tull fans such as myself (and it did) to raise “Two Fingers” and both eyebrows once you’ve opened it. The original enhanced recording begins the show with act two trailing behind. This contains much of our lesson as previously discussed and a most endearing section of orchestrated orchestral (what else) recordings that were originally intended for the “War Child” film and play which never materialized. A spiffy piece of live footage is included as well as a narrated press conference. The dynamic color booklet is beyond chock full of whimsical wonders and beautiful photos as well. A collectors dream to counteract those disaster tapes that gave us a reason to forever dance the days and nights away.

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