Ian Anderson/Thick as a Brick/Live in Iceland (two bricks and two discs)

brick live    Nineteen seventy-two was quite a year. The seventies launched all sorts of beginnings in politics, style, and very much so in music. The epic forty-four minute monolithic musical journey entitled “Thick as a Brick” delivered to us by none other than the modern-day seed drill inventor Jethro Tull was no exception. When such a release had been unleashed upon the fans, many of which were greatly as surprised as were the critics, that such an undertaking would be loosed as a musical venture, the results had been more than favorable even though some confusion had been amiss at first . This massive grouping of musical passages together with the supposed rantings of a young child’s lyrics creatively entered in a poetry contest spawned a buzz beyond most of the recent innovative thoughts and images of the time. However, this day in history our very own famed flautist has once again delved into a most profound journey with not one old brick, but with a new one as well. Ian Anderson’s live renditions of “Thick as a Brick” and “Thick as  Brick Two” has overwhelmingly usurped the wildly imaginative capabilities that can be replicated in a live setting. The musicians are in full metal instrumentation and Ian himself has extended to us not merely an exact representation of the previous recordings but has expanded them to a narrated and visual experience that will give kinetic energy a run for its money (does kinetic energy have any money I wonder?) Well, let’s not quibble over such matters now when “Thick as Brick one and two” are out and about waiting to enhance your tastefully trained ears with a Calliope of musical merriment. Ian has even handed over some of the singing to band mates as he pines away at his pied piping with flute in hand. I venture to guess a bird in the hand is not necessarily worth two bricks in Iceland. A most wonderful recreation of both bricks no matter how thick they are.

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