Hart to Hart (the complete third season)

hart     What a great show this is! I missed it and am glad to see it released on DVD. This was one of those truly well written matters of the heart (to heart). It’s one of those somewhat accidental husband and wife teams that always seem to find themselves amiss with a desperate situation at hand, and at the same time desperately in love. What a wonderful scenario. We always see couples at odds with each other, problems arising from within the relationship, and distance between the two. However, this illuminating presentation grants us a look into the happy side of life and a twosome that love to be together. They remind me of a British show called “Tommy and Tuppence” where the primary aspect of the whole thing was them, and we see the same here. There is a catch however, those happy moments are placed in danger at the hand of some would be dastardly criminal who would dare to usurp the everyday decency of some unsuspecting situation involving… you guessed it, our beaming couple. And through it all, somehow it always comes out alright. Not to mention, who could forget Max, their everything guy and Freeway the cute little dog who always managed to put his two cents (or two barks) in. Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers are sensational in this crime busting love affair.

One thought on “Hart to Hart (the complete third season)

  1. carole

    I think this series was a take off on the great 30’s movies called The Thin Man w/ Myrna Loy and William Powell and their dog Asta. He was a lush detective who married a wealthy woman and together solved crimes—usually murder. Even the dog got involved.
    I only saw a few episodes of Hart to Hart but what I did see I liked.


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