Lunatic Soul/walking on a flashlight beam

lunatic     From an instrumental side of the universe, the sway of sounds incorporated into one voyage of a recording imitating the variance of how far an instrument can be wielded to form a more perfect union with the bountiful collection of other sound making items culminates into a lunatic of a soul who dares to balance upon a beam of light. And one so daring may even permit no quarter to the entry of the universal engineer of the music idiom…the guitar. This is difficult enough. However, the multi-octave howling of the bass guitar and screech owl hemming and hawing of the mandolin seem to enhance what Mariusz Duda has been compelled to create within his realm of sound. The simplistic title’s such as “Cold”, “Gutter”, and “Treehouse” blend in with this wall of imagination. They are counteracted by title’s such as “Shutting Out the Sun”, “Stars Scalloped”, “Pygmalion’s Ladder”, “Sky Drawn in Crayon”, and the mysterious title track “Walking on a Flashlight Beam”. All of the cuts generate their own simplicity shrouded in a sound filled complexity. The hyper melancholy feel of this album glimmers with hidden passages of music that meander by in the moonlit sky on a cloudy night.

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