Penobscot Theatre Company Presents: FRANKENSTEIN

frankensteinThe November first presentation and adaptation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein sparked an ominous sense of anticipation as the eerie music permeated the theatre upon an empty stage. The hand crafted set certainly did create a sense of foreboding and wonder as to how this version would play out as opposed to the original. There were a few creative liberties, some additional dialogue, and even some unsuspected levity on the part of the pompous Lord Byron (Kobe Angel) who apparently has a soul of steel…that is until Mary pours out her tale of a madman whose ambition was to outplay God Himself and reanimate dead tissue into a living being who he eventually could not control. As the tale progresses we do see him dissolve into a sniveling childlike fear filled victim. Victor Frankenstein (Nathan Manaker, whose lively and emotional passion for the part easily leapt into the madness awaiting The Doctor) took the arena by surprise as the additional dialogue took its course in intense conversation between the scientist and its beast (listed as the Creature played by Claire Thomson). Between the humor, the howls, and a hard lesson learned, this presentation of Frankenstein has given us a view into another window of imagination.


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