Ian Anderson: Homo Erraticus: Tour Edition

ian anderson   Another rendition of this masterful encounter with Ian Anderson at the helm gasping for air as he sputters about firing off close encounters of the flutatious kind. The CD entails the story of an unknown character of strange historical significance loosely named Spearman. In less than a CD’s worth of allotted time , Ian has transpired, transformed, and transferred countless years of cataloged information into a charming, yet elusive story depicting what man has done through the ages. As usual Ian ranges from the powerful, to the beautiful, and even returns to poetic renditions of unearthly mannerisms from the heart of a witness to the eventual undoing of this earthly cage. His band is precise, inventive, and even musically daring at times. Ian’s improvisational tactics are ever unresolved (thankfully always in control but with a lemon twist). This package contains a DVD that spills over into the visual realm, exposing a many splendored ravaging to the eyes. We see Spearman in all of his wrapped glory, Ian speaking ever so freely about music, life, and generalities that survey the land as only Ian Anderson might do. The visuals are imaginative, witty, and whimsical. All of the songs are representative of each other. The booklet included within gives us the lyrics, a recent photo of Ian, and even a word from our sponsor.

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