ABBA Live at Wembley Arena

abbaHistory has a story to tell every time. And in this instance, it still does. Abba, one of the most sought after bands ever to enter the music world has perpetuated themselves into stardom with the charm of their songs. They have sold out countless arenas, sold an incredulous amount of records, and have unleashed their talent all over the world. They are noted as selling more records than just about everyone else in the business (save for the Beatles…let’s not get crazy). This amazing double CD set incorporates not only their hits in repeated succession, but includes songs that Abba fans know as a course of album cuts as well. It contains a beautifully arranged liner package complete with photos, notes, and anecdotes that you may not otherwise know. Their years in entertainment have not slowed down their popularity, merely propelled them into an iconic stature remembered forever.

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