The Beatles/White Album (mono on white with vinyl on the side)

beatles white      Unofficially called the “white album” primarily because of it’s entirely white cover, holds many of the trademark tunes noted in many different directions for many varied reasons. Let’s review. It’s the only two record set the Beatles have ever released. It’s the album where Ringo’s first composition “Don’t Pass Me By” appears. It’s the place where Eric Clapton plays lead guitar on George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. The ever-present standard “Birthday” cut makes its way to us all at least for one day a year. “Helter Skelter”, Charles Manson’s favorite song latches onto a dark time when he and his partners in death scrawled that very title on the walls of the victims homes in blood along with a mad plan to boot. “Revolution 9” is a Pandora’s box of troublesome sounds and tid bits, and the unfortunate sound of Yoko Ono’s voice somewhere she’s never belonged. This was a wild venture for the “Beatles” and a most interesting one as well. A battery of excellent songs (some with a twist) showing another side (actually four of them) to the greatest band in history in mono with the original poster and photos of all four band mates.

One thought on “The Beatles/White Album (mono on white with vinyl on the side)

  1. carole

    You’re right about Yoko—-she never did belong w/this iconic group but she showed up anyway and yelled and screamed her way into eternity. Manson is still nuts along with his other cracked nuts. The Beatles will live longer than any of them so that’s comforting. Thanks John for the review.


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