The Beatles/Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (in magestic mono)

beatles pepper sgt    The grandmaster recording has once again come to us. This time in a lovely mono version complete with all of its original goods tucked away inside for us to remember. The picture punch outs are all in order waiting to be popped out and placed wherever Beatle heads want them to be (or you could just keep them intact if you wish). This highly overproduced masterpiece fully endowed with George Martin’s hand overshadowing the album in its entirety to this day remains one of the greatest musical achievements of all time. The songs have been intertwined with “The Yellow Submarine” movie and will stand as one of the tales of Blue Meanie and Apple Bonker history. Not to mention the FABulous foursome (referred to by Mick Jagger as “The four-headed monster”, coming to the rescue of Pepperland with their well intended, sometimes bumbling, but never not entertaining shenanigans leading them to victory. Song after song shall always be remembered as monolithic pieces in legendary music history. Aside from the title track in all its imaginary extended verbage, “A Little Help from my Friends”, a Ringo international anthem, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, and Of course “A Day in the Life”, a two piece collaboration with a most elusive idea buried within itself and references to those in high command of the motherland and their misunderstandings is an embroidered classic. The mono only adds to the nostalgia, then you can add your own as well.

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