The Beatles/Magical Mystery Tour (vinyl edition with all the original trimmings)

beatles mysteryHave you ever actually given thought to how weird this album really is? Not so much the music, but its surrounding implications and its deeply rooted mysticism? If you are a big Beatle fan then perhaps so, but if you know its basic songs and the like then you are most likely exonerated from its lore. This holds keys to the Paul is dead thing, being that Paul was the walrus in this fiasco of a masked ball on the cover, later professed on the White album that “the walrus was Paul” by John Lennon on “Glass Onion”. The implication led to the death of the Walrus in “Alice in Wonderland” and the later rumored death of Paul McCartney. Another strange (perhaps not too strange) occurrence is a short little instrumental entitled “Flying” makes an appearance in an unusual fashion since the Beatles have never has instrumentals before, save for the ones in their movies, but those were passages of time within the film. Ironically, all of this talk of Paul pulling down the curtain and joining the choir invisible has almost overlooked the epitaph of John Lennon after his death, and the “Strawberry Fields Forever” in Central Park theme remembering him. Not withstanding this album is the real thing otherwise, including the original 24 page full color picture book for all of you aficionados out there who still want to take the tour as well as hearing the great music bellowing out of your speakers in mono. I remember seeing this film at midnight in some little theater and remembering it was unlike any other Beatle film right down to the wheelbarrow full of spaghetti being shelled out with a shovel. This certainly is a mystery. No fools on the hill here, though your mother should know that all you need is love.


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