Hemlock Grove/The Monster is Within (season one)

hemlock     So as a writer, I immediately began to speculate as to who the would be predator was and what the story line should be. I wrote in my own head as I followed along. Frighteningly, I was accurate. However, to second guess such a tale of sheer terror could also be construed as criminal since the writing is passionate and sincere. It’s elements simply remain terrifying throughout. The characters portray their inner counterparts with deadly accuracy, even sometimes with even deadlier results. It’s been a long time since an original idea such as “Hemlock Grove” perpetrated the screen with such vibrant intensity and the forever guessing  game of guilt and death. Around every corner lurks a new question to fathom and fail to reveal until the release of another piece of the serpents rainbow shines on this strange little town. The thing is, it almost looks like everyone knows something is wrong, but can’t…won’t say. At least out loud. This new reinvention of the old conceptions of monsters is refreshing. The captivating attitudes of the characters gives you no quarter as you muddle your way beyond the realm of madness spewed about by would be snoopers looking for what should never be found, and the destiny that awaits them. Yet, the howls are real. The blood is real. And the sense of impending doom is even more real than we’d venture to believe.

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