Ringo Starr/ICON (the coolest beatle)

ringo     Hits are it. And when it comes to them, Ringo knows how to sing them, write them, and play them. The years have been good to Ringo. His performances are fun, cheery, and the audiences love him to Beatle bits. There is almost a continuous roar of audience participation and super recognition of his solo songs and an overwhelming roar of the ones from his fab four days. He’s a good hearted guy who digs peace, loves to smile, and the crowd adores him. He has always been the focal point in the Beatle movies, holding the most personable acting abilities with his one liner commentaries to whomever may have confronted him and his less than understood antics. He was the sad boy, the comedian, the downtrodden, and the cleverest all in one. He has had a host of hits that everyone knows all the words to (just watch some of his live concerts), a great rapport with people in the music biz, and an incredible attitude to boot. His “All Starr Band” has brought back many a fallen musician from the brink and given them a chance to resurface with a clear mind and heart. This disc is all his. It’s all about the solo Beatle. Take a listen to the hit single without an album to call home “Back Off Boogaloo”, the bouncy “No NO Song” and the ever lively “Yellow Submarine” as only Ringo could sing it ( a smashing live version that is). All in all the evidence points to Ringo as the coolest Beatle…

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