Cream/Best of Cream (vinyl edition)

cream   The era of Cream (or The Cream as they’ve been referred to in the day) had been more than just a landmark band with strange lyrics and abysmal thoughts within those words. It was apparent that Jack Bruce, the primary songwriter, singer, and bass master had a most interesting outlook cast just a little bit deeper than the average composer. “SWLABR” kept many in the dark for a long time with his hidden acronym “She was like a Bright Rainbow”. And though these tid bits of information seem inconsequential, they only add to the mystique of Cream and their impact upon the music world. Eric Clapton reportedly admitted that through the entire time Cream was together, he knew none of the lyrics to the songs he was playing, concentrating more on his guitar leads than anything else, which I suppose is a good thing. The hits were and are forever a force to be remembered, bringing on collaborations with George Harrison on “Badge” and even some old blues numbers like Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” and “Born Under a Bad Sign” by Booker T. Jones, which are always a favorite thing for lead guitarists. In fact, Cream had mentioned several times that their live shows differed greatly from their recorded material, delving into a profound jam session which was what they always fell into live, and to the audiences approval. This collection skims over the best of Cream. Heavy vinyl cream.

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