NYPD BLUE (season seven) (seriously blue)

nypd blue 7      The original broadcast from the beginning of this show never lacked seriousness nor intensity. The story lines were always well maintained with the high action and drama of this New York police squad and their day-to-day insanity on the streets, intermingling with their personal plights and life struggles, adding more to the human side of things rather than leaning on the maniacal events they see every day on the deranged streets of New York City and its lunatics on the loose. The acting has forever changed the course of cop shows, involving battles with their inner demons that could not only alter their lives but their careers as well. Leaving nothing to chance, the well manicured cast reigns supreme. The new-found relationships and the hopeful mending of others includes the heart of their thoughts, well-meant intentions, and lasting friendships. An amazing show that has endured and triumphed in so many different facets of television drama.

One thought on “NYPD BLUE (season seven) (seriously blue)

  1. carole

    NYPD BLUE—-makes you wonder how these enforcers cope with the insanity every day all day long and then go home and try to have something called a normal life. It must be interesting when the wife says “how was your day?” This show certainly had personal elements in it that spilled over into their daily work and gave the characters an edge on resolving events on the streets. Thanks John


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