John Coltrane & friends/sideman: trane’s blue note sessions

coltrane    The rite of passage in the free flowing enigma that is called jazz involves a great deal of freedom to improvise, experiment, and rearrange the music to your own personal style and virtuosity. This album is a fantastic example of all those things. This three CD set contains the original mono recordings during John Coltrane’s blue note sessions, collaborating, jamming, and many times handing over the reins of those sessions to the many sidemen who had the extraordinary experience to play with him. In fact, all jazz musicians started out as sidemen waiting for the opportunity to carry their water with one of the great heavy weights. John Coltrane’s classic “Giant Steps” album was no different. He surrounded himself with musicians who mastered and encompassed the very instruments they held in their able hands. His “Standards” album was more of a melodic venture, but still gave way to the open door of musicianship which would fulfill the sax man’s needs. Aside from the original cuts this collection also features many bonus tracks of the songs with variations, unprecedented solos, and alternate versions. The tunes in many cases are extensive, once again handing over the spotlight to the rest of the band to feature their solo capabilities in solid motion. This set boasts massive liner notes and photos in a little book outdone only by the grand selection of music. A most delightful assembly of Trane’s works during 1956-1957.

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