KISS/Rock and Roll Over (again)

kiss rnro     Never had makeup taken such a toll in rock and roll (the rhyming was purely coincidental) as in the days when Alice Cooper hit the shock rock genre innovating horrific scenarios onstage incorporating an over riding massive wave of theatrics with killer tunes. It literally took the industry by storm. Even the lighter side of David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust persona moved the music world to a new era. When these four full faced powder and grease paint warriors took the stage in full metal makeup, they not only rocked but they really did roll everything over. The iconic straightforward latter day effort “Rock and Roll Over” continued the path of the provocative and aced the days after the success of “Kiss Alive”, following with “Kiss Alive ll”, its twisted sister (who also paved the way for many a makeup meister) counterpart. The raw guitar leads trail-blazed their way throughout the recording. The never forgotten radio tune “Calling Dr. Love” became one of the more lyrically promiscuous songs in their repertoire, while “Hard Luck Woman” poured out heartfelt emotion. Kiss became a sensation and with this newly re-released vinyl recording, the atmosphere and the drama of the thrashing power chords and commanding vocals once again takes its place on the turntables of the world at large. It even includes the original stickers of the day. So go ahead and rock…but if you find yourself rolling over just flip the disc over as well, like we used to in the day.

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