Herbie Hancock/Speak Like a Child (pinnacle of an artist)

herbie hancock      In the years that Herbie Hancock had been sought out by Miles Davis, he unleashed much of his passion within the heart of the band, bringing an original sound to an already well established jazz veteran with the power of improvisation behind him, which is where much of the riffs within the jazz world come from. He was one of the first jazz musicians to embrace the synthesizer, and interpolated funk into the land of jazz. His past solo efforts have always been melodic, even crossing over the line between jazz and pop with elements of soul with well seasoned results. His unique blend of jazz introduced a blues methodology as well, leaving a style that pioneered an open door for different variations of the jazz persona. Born in Chicago Illinois, Herbie Hancock, though with Miles Davis at the time, managed to record solo efforts as a sideman which sprouted a series of inventive aspects of music he was able to explore. This 1968 re-release on vinyl holds one of Herbie Hancock’s grandest pinnacle moments. He felt he had finally achieved a culmination of all that he had learned in the years prior to its release in 1968, integrating a tangled combination of horns he had always hoped for. “Speak Like a Child” may be the title, but Herbie Hancock has certainly demonstrated in his poignant career that he doesn’t play like one.

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