Katahdin Cruises (a legendary one hundred year voyage)

katahdin      This most historic event of a centuries old iron titan has delved far beyond being a several hour joyride, although it certainly is that. The historical significance has been in the making for a long time and time to come. Based in Greenville Maine, this majestic hero of the vast waters it embarks upon has given insight into the mysterious enormity of Moosehead lake as never before. The actual immensity of this lost lake, and not because of it notoriety, but rather because of its breadth and tales of old that it has accumulated over its kingship over Katahdin’s travels are not known, or at least not known to their fullness of myth, fables, and legend until you hear them told over the course of this watery voyage. Feel free to roam about and explore the power and massive construction of the monstrous creation by Bath Iron Works one hundred years ago. Enter the Captains quarters and steer the very ship that holds such recorded chronicles within the annals of time. A wonderful moment in time well spent and most enjoyable with those you love and wish to share a journey not easily forgotten.

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