Johnny Cash/The Man Comes Around/Personal Jesus (vinyl single)

cash 2      A small part of a lengthy epitaph left behind by one of the true long standing legends in the world of music…Johnny Cash. A back to back (or in this case side to side) twosome swansong standing in a monolithic single gives us “The Man Comes Around” in it’s original form. This can also be found on the album, “The Legend of Johnny Cash” in an earlier version recorded prior to the rendition released as a single. The flip side harbors a well known tune written and performed by Depeche Mode some time ago without the techno pounding keyboard and percussion combination you’ve encountered from radio airplay. Johnny made this one all his own. The prominent acoustic guitar is his musical arsenal of choice alongside his trademark low tenor vocals. The song’s lyrics have been rewritten to accommodate the Lord Jesus in a far more direct way. His profound heartfelt words are a most complimentary amendment to the flip side which deals with the Lord’s return and what will follow. Johnny has never done anything halfway. And it is ever evident that even with his passing, the song remains the same.

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