Johnny Cash/The Legend of Johnny Cash (the music lives on)

cash    Listening to and loving Johnny Cash and his music since I was a little boy has held memories that cannot always be captured in words. My Aunt and Uncle would play his records and I was captivated by the plain truth in the lyrics and steady strumming of the six strings that accompanied them. Johnny had a most intriguing ability to let you know that what you saw was what you got about the man before you. His honesty and non-stealth approach had been and still is a most refreshing one. Throughout the many year span of such a man there had been pitfalls. Some more serious than others. Thankfully with the help of those who loved him, he was able to overcome them and rise to a place of clear thought and repose. The music has never betrayed him as well as those who listened. Johnny has always maintained his sincerity and love of the Lord and what He’s done for him which is mightily reflected in his songs throughout a career that has not been matched by many. Those times are evident in “The Man in Black”, a most recognized trademark of Johnny’s, and “The Man Comes Around”. This album released on vinyl includes a well spent journey of Johnny’s music old and new. The man has come around. And the man will stay around for a long time to come.

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