Newhart (the complete fourth season)

newhart     Never have the four seasons been peppered throughout the year with such a clutter of comedic kerfuffle. How do you place a candle before or after a show that can belly laugh its way into your living room for so many years and still create an open door barrage of buffoonery and peanut brittle (that just sounded crazy enough to include). The master of subtle mild mannered nuance, Bob Newhart is unfortunately the perpetual victim of surrounding incompetence. The idiosyncratic behavior of a straight talking business wannabe, a self proclaimed princess of self, a knothead of nottingham handyman, and the three modern day stooges of the brothers three, along with a wife who observes it all with a crooked smile, is the place setting for this low key madness that comes around but once in a lifetime with an unlikely flair and pie in the face humor as its borderline. Laugh or cry, but a thousand guffaws a minute is still the same old recipe not in need of repair.

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