Adam Woodrow/Auto Paint Technician

tacoma     In our ever-changing world, sometimes, more often than not, we find we are immersed in need of certain services. Whether it be a mechanic, painter, lawn care, or dare I say a contractor, the decision to find the right one can be a costly one. Unreturned calls, unfinished work, or work just not done properly encompass risks and aggravation. However, when the day comes that you meet one of the good guys, then you have been blessed and must let others know about them. I have encountered one myself. Adam Woodrow works wonders with his hands and tools to the point that his care and expertise becomes obvious. He can handle just about any job on your car, touching up scratches, paint work, and general disturbances upon the car body. He answers your questions honestly and he takes his time to do it right. He will work his techniques for you.

call (207)-944-7655


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