Druckfarben/Second Sound (the power of progression)

druckfarben    There are moments in time that cannot be recaptured. There are also times when moments can be born again by the spirit in which a form of art was intended to spring forth. Druckfarben has entered the realm with those qualifications. This quality recording is an absolute sharpened dagger cutting deeply into the grooves of either a very new sound or with remnants of an old one, or a new one leaning towards the variations of Yes like progressions, eventually meeting up with the likes of pop culture, with a twinge of heavy metal slicing guitar work (sometimes tipping the scales with a Zappaesque style). Fresh distinguishable guitar leads behold the mastery at the peak of its epicenter with massive self-appointed flavoring seasoned throughout. Second sound provides a third and a fourth sound as well with a well pursued melodic side. And in the midst of it all they’ve made this album all their own. You’ll have to get used to the name of the band of course, but alas even Shakespeare said what’s in a name?

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