Not Cool/Greg Gutfeld (a young readers guide to the ever sinking ship of fools)

gutfeld       In a world where shame is meaningless and idiocy not only runs a muck but seems to reign supreme, it’s a good thing we have books like this to simplify and simply say who the buffoons really are. This raging sea we call society has disappointed more of us than buying a weekly lotto ticket. We may have to live with them, but we don’t have to be like them. The political arena is now the ultimate stand up comedy central attraction in the known universe (well, at least our general atmosphere, we wouldn’t want to exaggerate) and getting worse all the time. When the intentional decimation of the United States is the plan du jour, and the cowardly so-called leaders are the ones pushing the buttons, then all you have is a very illiterate puppet show on wheels. Glen Beck said this would happen years before anyone else even caught on. Does that size it up? No, there’s more…so much more. Who cares if your tee-shirt has some idiots name or logo on it? Does that justify the additional eighty dollar asking price just to satisfy that boneheaded crowd you’ve gotten yourself swept up in? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. If you genuinely like it, then I shouldn’t stop you from it, but if it’s a mere matter of uniformity then toss that decrepit idea to the dusty road and run. Don’t let others dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t have, what you should think, or what you should believe. They’ve made a total, complete, and uncompromised mockery of our country, our God, and our minds. Who are they? They are the self-righteous loser goon squad who follow like a lost herd of sheep without a net or a shepherd. You have become entangled in a sticky web of lies and rationale. It’s time to stand and deliver the master stroke of thinking for one’s self, an almost completely lost art. Greg rummages through your mental closet and reboots your matrix into a self-awareness that frees the enslaved. There is a war going on…we are in it, and it’s not cool.

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