Renaissance/Symphony of Light

renaissance       After a thirteen year absence from the recording studio Renaissance has come back into the light. This sterling recording features all of the remembered and treasured longevity of their past albums and has even ventured a little further. Annie Haslam’s vocals are as pristine as ever, launching her multi-octave voice high into the stratosphere to sail amongst the stormy seas, warnings, and prophetic utterings endowed with love, peace, and a delicate hush. The title song gives way to the mystical side of Renaissance as do some of the others. The ode to their fallen friend, Michael Dunford is forever cast in stone in “Renaissance Man”, a tribute to a wonderful writer, excellent musician, and longtime friend. The delightful melodies are tended to with care and excellence. The far-reaching aspects of what one would hope for in a new Renaissance album far exceeds that hope with nothing to diminish it. Annie soars endlessly with a full depiction of vocal capacity blending admirably with their musical endeavors engaging in a marvelous accomplishment. If you have missed them as much as I have then join together in an everlasting triumph deep within a symphony of light.

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