The Slambovian Circus of Dreams/A Box of Everything (the chameleons of the new world)

slambovian      I was going to bade this unorthodox band of merry musicians an enigma. After some thought I believed it would be an injustice. Instead I don them the musical octagons of original thought. Octagons? The reasoning is they have so many sides to them I’d have to consult a geometric text to evaluate them. Their much folkish style simply cannot be contained. They lure you into a false sense of security and when you think you’ve boxed them they happily surprise you with one of their many faceted turns. They are so uncharacteristically unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, and with immense pleasure mind you. Where so many these days attempt to emulate, they originate. The folkness is their base, but they wildly spice it beyond measure delving into everything from the endearing to a trip to the carnival and more. The enigmatic principles they’ve used cause a collision between The Moody Blues to Dylan to King Crimson and even a touch of the Beatles with a seventies flair all their own. The tune “Rocket” and the title cut spiral you profusely into their unsuspecting web of love and disquieting humor. “Living with God” has a simplistic approach with good lyrical content. And what a shock, there’s even a bonus track just in case you are not in anaphylactic shock by this time due to their creative inventiveness and ingenuity. This nonconforming individuality offers the brilliance of a thousand suns ready to supernova its way into a new method of writing. The only bad thing I could say is it’s too bad this wasn’t a double CD set. They weren’t kidding…it truly is a box of everything.

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