Stephen King/Mr. Mercedes (DWK:driving while killing)

mr mercedes     How many madmen does it take to drive a stolen Mercedes wildly, blindly, and deliberately into a crowd of unsuspecting victims, fully intending to take the credit? Well, one actually. That’s all it takes to fathom and deliver a streaming bloody trajectory of carnage and still make the six o’clock news. In the throes of suicide, depression, alcohol, and a daunting retirement, a cop on the verge of calling it quits here on planet earth receives a taunting letter from our favorite vehicular maniac who’s obviously not quite ready to put it in park just yet. Leaving nothing to chance, a desperate attempt to nail down the apostate of the open road, a host of clues, a barrage of bodies, and a much unintended hero in a transient state, lost and looming in a world somewhere between self murder and vanity, regards the rantings of a lunatic on the fringe. With more death teetering on the precipice of a frontier gone asunder, the killer lures this lone cop out of hiding, giving chase, and rides once again with death on wheels as the prime directive.

2 thoughts on “Stephen King/Mr. Mercedes (DWK:driving while killing)

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