Marshall Crenshaw/Red Wine EP (a true songwriter rides again)

red winered wine 2

(photo Eric Drumwright)

So good to hear from Marshall Crenshaw once again after so long.  His approach to his valiant songwriting has remained the same…simple and straightforward (thank goodness for that). By this I mean that in the everyday garden variety that has now plagued our music world, Marshall has chosen the path of least resistance and maintained it by not bending his methodology but rather enforcing his talent into this handful of tasty treats. His wonderful songwriting with crisp and dynamic guitar solos justifies him playing on an electric six string rather than the typical acoustic, which launches him into a virtuoso position as much as a mere songwriter. I’ve noticed that he dabs his cuts with a freshness rarely found in most singer/songwriters today. This EP is inviting and tosses an appetizers worth of tunes with bounce and liveliness. His lyrical content flows evenly with the musical flair he pronounces, releasing memories of girls he once knew, deflecting homework as a kid, and how he’s glad his head is on straight these days than in the past. His head isn’t the only thing that’s straight. His creativity draws its way into his catchy lines and most sincere voice. A most grand reentry with guitar friendly songs and a comforting voice to boot. Give a listen to the title cut with its even chord progression and the lively “Hey Delilah” and compare greatness with greatness. The CD offers us four cuts while the vinyl EP gives three. A good reason to get both. The more red wine the better.

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