Old Tales of the Maine Woods/More Old Tales of the Maine Woods (Steve Pinkham)

woods 1woods 2      In the days of old when the heavy horses thundered by across the wild plains and the weathercock pointed its directional arrow via the speeding wind and showed us its strength and velocity, there were other goings on in them thar woods. The quests and secrets entailed within the howling wind and the grasp of the unknown filled the minds of certain woodsmen with hidden tales, some buried, some told, about the land they stalked from generation to generation. Tales that have intertwined, folklore, legend, and fairy tales bordered with truth for hunters, hikers, and woodsmen have fashioned and spun campfire stories with personal amendments have tantalized us for many a year around the old late night fire. Bear attacks, Bobcat sightings, shortcuts through treacherous terrain, and unexplained sounds have forever been a part of the Maine woods and their myths and accounts. Songs from the wood and fires at midnight accompany Bigfoot sightings, unexplainable tracks, and lost people have eluded us and helped shape these strange and dark tales of the woods. The late night burning, then dying embers indicate the time passed while recounting those very anecdotes peppered with elaborations, embellishments, truth, and imaginations. Out in those old woods where ones mind can tend to wander, it doesn’t always have to be dark to have the feeling you are being watched…

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