Christopher Tin/The Drop that Contained the Sea

tin     A fastidious ode to the human voice dominates the the echoing walls of sound within this work. From the lamenting and far reaching voice to the melancholy, this album is designed to announce the vocal variations found in our world. Themes and vital tones quell the human spirit as never before with the ever revolving calliope of inner feelings conveyed in the expressive vocal capacities presented here. Images of mountains, lonely civilizations, and of course the open sea, give way to a most figurative form of art. The powerful musical addendum crafts it way in between the sound stage of words interpolating a touching concept of the love of using the human voice as an instrument, more so than merely conveying words. A mystical marriage of both sends this subtle yet strong prelude of music meets voice into a new-found cradle of commentary and interpretation.

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