Jo Petty Band/Where You Are

jo petty   One of the things I always look forward to is a Christian album that doesn’t forget the music is one of its primary sources. And if you call yourself a songwriter, you must honor the creativity that you have been blessed with. Lyrically we know what to expect, but many times the music itself is corralled instead of unleashed. This is not the case in this well written and recorded album. The songs reach to the highest calling and are not afraid to release an inner grasp of rock music. The guitar is ever-present and refuses to hide. Jo Petty’s vocals are not only full of the spirit, but one could don her the Natalie Merchant of Christian music with her nighttime voice that soothes and pours the emotion within her onto her songs. Formerly of the band Skywatch, where her vocal capacity was still a force to be reckoned with, her new outfit has given her a new reign and a light to shine onto the listener. There’s a bonus live acoustic track at the end of the album called “Count it Loss” where her gentle side truly permeates the far reaches of her well-rounded ability to sing a great many different facets her vocals offer. And besides, with her many varied sides one of them will meet you where you are.

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