Paul Reiser/Familyhood

paul reiser   familyhood    Forget everything you ever thought you knew about family and the internal craziness that modern psychology and its behavioral psychobabble has either taught you or made you believe. The basis for fairy tales is reality and the basis for reality is fairy tales. And our lives can be at times quite a tale to be told. For any of you who have (and this means all of you, I’m just trying to be polite) inner insanity forever brewing within the confines of the family landscape, you need to read this book. It dissolves the antimatter and the between the lines and madcap factors that make up the everyday cheerful bag of nuts that is familyhood.

Paul delightfully states not only the obvious but the unobvious, as well as all of the tiny bits in between that are the cause and effects of the never-ending story that encompasses us into a family, and its nonsensical tid bits that poke us in the eye willingly, even though we don’t want anything to do with it.

Children are a quite amusing factor when it comes to such a unit. They are easily embarrassed, most of the time ridiculous, and yet you love them. Half the time you find yourself explaining things that are neither here nor there and can’t help anyone, especially the one explaining. Your wife finds verbal loopholes and instances to argue over that are far beyond your mortal ability to seek out a sincere answer, let alone an agreeable one. In all this, Paul finds a way…keep quiet.

After my wife and I saw Paul live and speaking with him after the show, we found him to be warm, funny, and sincere. Not only in his comedic craft but also as a person. His wonderfully roundabout, yet honest approach to the family will make you laugh, think good thoughts, and maybe even give you few good tips to your involvement in familyhood.

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