Still Mad About You/Paul Reiser live at the Gracie Theater (with special guest Karen Morgan)

paul reiser       Time after time our nostalgic sensibility finds the path of least resistance. Not that it needs to, I believe we all have it (some more than others). In this case, and others like it if you are so blessed with the ability to truly appreciate and celebrate the past as well as the future, you can hold many candles to the wind and love all of the well written shows, films, and music that made us laugh and bring us back to a place of joy. Those were the days I guess is the phrase, but there are instances when the past rolls into the present and it ventures off into a continuation of great entertianment for today.

       Comedy is not easy, you need to stay on top of your story and bombard your audience with pellets of humor as the tale unfolds. Karen Morgan is a fine example of this method. She incorporates the benevolence of her past with today. The funny lines about how she remembers (and reconsiders) her looks, and memories of a younger time to todays path of life culminates the idea that we need to laugh at ourselves.

       Paul Reiser ventures far beyond the glory days of his past (and includes ours as well) and recalls, remembers, and recants the hilarity of comparisons deep within the boundaries of relationships. This time around…the family. The thing is, the major and minor intricacies that render us stupid are the very things that hold us together. We may be passive in some instances or even plain crazy, but the very brilliance of his comedic bantering not only brings us full circle with the general madness that makes up a relationship but outlines the severity of the word compromise. The whole thing is a compromise. And the hidden secret that Paul has revealed to us very privileged people in the audience this night is the still small voice telling us to shut up, “No, don”t say any thing, be quiet”, you know, the one we ignore that causes the majority of the conflicts that really doesn’t mean anything but is ever present in these relationships.

       The night was a pleasure, and very funny. The delivery of his message to the waiting crowd was sent forth with a briliance and mastery that has allowed him to be victorious in his craft. Relationships may be difficult at times, but with Paul’s humor we can always remember that we are still mad about each other and still mad about Paul.

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