The Beatles/Hey Jude

   hey jude    As great as all of the Beatle’s albums are, Hey Jude has always stood out from the rest. How can a statement like that be made about a band whose historical takeover of the music world has outlasted so much? Well, to start with it should kind of be known as the homeless hits album. A scattered group of amazing songs without a place to be all landed once upon a time in one fantastical collection. I remember how much I loved the music and even the cover. The cover? Yes, the cover. It had reached a time where our mop top matching tie and handkerchief boys had ventured into their individual idiosyncratic ideals. Big beards (bigger than “Let it Be” days), jeans, hats, and even suits (with a dashing tie I might add). But that’s enough about the cover. This overwhelming arsenal of musical invasion serves up one of the best albums of all time. The title cut “Hey Jude is a long choral accounting that even Beethoven would appreciate. If he were here he might have even stolen a few bars. This original release is a Beatle blessing. To have the albums in their original state is more than cool, its nostalgic. Earlier and latter-day hits meet up and bolster their way into an epic splendid time which is guaranteed for all.


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