The Beatles (the u.s. albums)

beatles boxrubber soulIt’s incredible how many new ways there are to bring the Beatles into the next generation. The only thing is, this latest way may certainly introduce the greatest band ever to a younger crowd, however, this one’s for us…those who remember them the way they originally came. These amazing American albums were how the nostalgic people had those big vinyl discs in their hands and on the turntables. Records such as the rudimentary “Meet the Beatle’s”, “Revolver”, and especially “Rubber Soul”, often referred to as the Beatle’s mystical album for various reasons are some of the one’s you’d notice a difference with. It’s true that it had been a sort of pivot point for the boys, wavering slightly from the straightforward typical love songs to a more focused concentration of ideas. Nonetheless one of their masterpieces. The soundtracks to their movies are always a thrill, as are their movies. The fun involved in making them are as apparent on record as they were on film. A true dossier of the historic Beatles…the way we remember them. The box set commemorates fifty years of the Beatle reign on the music world. This is a great way to get the albums on CD in their original state. The British versions were vastly different and took a while to get used to. We all knew “Nowhere Man” was from “The Yellow Submarine” and not mysteriously landing on “Rubber Soul”. This way we get our CD’s and listen to them too.

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