Daria Rabotkina/Pianist

     daria  When treading upon the giants of classical music, one must have the discipline, technique, and vigilance to encompass the delicate art of the genre. Daria Rabotkina has surpassed her excellence within the confines of this world and has managed to reach out beyond the typical mode of the classical cosmos. Her tempestuous and dramatic flair covers the keyboard unrelentingly and simply will not release it until mastery has made itself known.

       The thirty-three Beethoven variations have resurged into a metamorphic triumph in a beautiful expression in such a way that even the great Beethoven would have smiled.

       The Shubert Moments Musicaux never betray the heartfelt methodology in which they were written or intended. In fact, Daria’s renditions place her in a category all her own. Her studious investigation of the piece can only bring about one result…success.

       The recording is quite sharp and the chosen music is enthralling. A true venture of the classical realm. Brava!

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