Eric Clapton Guitar Festival/Crossroads (recorded live/madison square garden/new york/april12 & 13 2013) DVD

     clapton crossroads  Never has there been an all out collection of guitars in one place at the same time. An avalanche of fast and well placed finger motion donned the Garden in New York City on this momentous event. Eric Clapton and his everlasting crusade to help musicianship come back from the brink of dependency has created not only a musical lolapalooza of incredible musicians, but an honorable means of reintroduction back to where the talent can be focused upon and not displaced. These giants of the six stringed motivator have most definitely filled the evening with everything they had pent-up inside into a whirlwind performance. Some of the greats include, Robert Cray, Booker T., Jimmy Vaughan, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, The Allman Brothers, and the incredulous Jeff Beck.  And every one of them (and more) have unleashed their potential on this night. These fast and frittered fingers unlock the meaning of guitar solos to those who play and those who are entertained by their playing. Perhaps they have found themselves at a crossroads…but it certainly appears they’ve taken the right way.

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