Doug Nye (boom bang twang) when money failed

     scan  Hearing “Boom Bang Twang” live and unplugged (sort of) was a great raw musical experience. As much as it was only a bass and a guitar, the message was clear, and the sound was potent.

       What you get is what you hear and this album not only rocks, but it delivers an overwhelming warning to the world at large of the oncoming and ever pending loss of true existence without God at the helm of ones life.

       Having a complete band on the CD gives a different feel, like a band type session would (although live and minimal was just as powerful). Listen to the words as they pour out of experience in finding the Savior and being on the right track instead of alone. This is no typical Christian collection. It moves you musically as well as lyrically. The packaging is unique as well. These guys are most serious about leaving the uncharted map of life behind as they profess the position the world is in today and the soul cages that keep us locked away from a real life.

       Give a listen and learn. You’ll see that where money fails, Jesus doesn’t.

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