Eric Clapton Unplugged (deluxe + dvd)

   clapton    The original “Unplugged” album was a terrific piece of work. I remember them playing it ceaselessly on MTV when it was actually a music station rather than the silly self apocalyptic nothing pit it has morphed into.

       This side of Clapton was and is a treat for us slowhanders who have more than become accustomed to the sidewinding riffs of old that have carved the guitarist’s talents and abilities since the days of “Cream”, “Blind Faith”, “Derek and the Dominoes”, and the like. The acoustic renditions of “Layla” and “Before You Accuse Me” are delightfully managed and revamped into a more temperate climate if you will. Then again there’s the massive world of the blues in which the selected cuts seem to cover any and all aspects of life itself.

       The second disc features outtakes and alternate points of the musical session. His ditty instrumentals set the pace for the show and his hand-picked acoustic notes permeate the atmosphere, hence creating an unplugged arena.

       The DVD releases the enjoyment of the first disc filled with all of the visuals needed to thoroughly delve into a Claptonesque concert. Electric or acoustic, the man can play and puts his heart into all he does.

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