Jethro Tull Benefit (A collector’s edition)

    tull   I am very pleased to see this album in its anniversary collector’s edition for a varied number of reasons. I have always loved Jethro Tull and to see these special packages emerge over the years is beyond a treat. Having had the original on vinyl as well as the latter form of media being the CD, any and all of the extra tracks are more than worthy to be listened to and archived by noteworthy Tullist’s wherever they may be.

       Many times referred to as the lost Jethro Tull album, having followed the launching pad album “Stand Up” where the band had been voted second best group after the Beatles and rolling over the Stones landing in third place, it has been venerated here in all its splendor.

       The follow-up remaining the titan of rock known as “Aqualung” placed them in stone forever as a rock and roll mainstay. “Benefit” however, sort of popped out as the record company requested some lively tunes, meaning radio airplay hits, as they did with “Teacher”. And to us Tullaphiles this album was always one of their prized efforts unleashing much of Martin Barre’s multiplexing guitar solos which further christened the band with so many more in the course of their recordings.  And with Ian Anderson’s comment about that without Martin Barre there would be no Jethro Tull, the prophecy had been fulfilled within the catacombs of their intensely placed numbers.

       The associated cuts are most interesting having been born onto other albums like “Living in the Past”, featuring “Singing all Day”,  “Sweet Dream”,  “The Witch’s Promise”, and “Alive and Well and Living in”. The differences are vastly noted from their original form taking place on the album.

       Featuring two CD’s and a DVD this fantastic collection is not only a memory for those of us who remember it, but a new and wonderful recording for our benefit.

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