Sweet Frog (hopping good in bangor maine)

  frog     So yet another place has opened up in Bangor Maine. They perpetually seem to. The difference is this place is special. My wife and I sampled several of the delectable yogurt flavors which in a self-service environment, the power of the burst of refreshing flavor is at your finger tips. FSCN2334With yogurt flowing from the very walls you choose your weapon of choice (bowl size that is), wander along the savory wall with all of the handles and make your choice. Choose from an extreme variety of wonderous delights with endless toppings galore. From fruits to cheesecake (and different kinds at that), to the classics (chocolate and such), this frozen indoor wonderland of colors and comfort bring together a time where family and friends may unite, and enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally).  FSCN2337    Sit by the relaxing fire, enjoy the restful music and indulge in a yogurt filled world with an atmosphere of serenity and fun. A hopping good time is guaranteed for all.

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