Eric Clapton/Give me strength (the ’74/’75 studio recordings)

      clapton With the high tide of numerous anniversary releases, some of the most interesting and variable material seems to emanate from the cutting room floor and find its way onto available media. This collection in particular stems from “461 Ocean Boulevard” and “There’s One in Every Crowd”. Albums mighty within their own right are now placed onto disc with the other half of the story as a musical amendment. The session outtakes are sensational pieces delving into the heart of the album and “Slowhand’s” variations with three cord blues progressions all the way to some fancy leadwork on a slew of unexpected instrumentals, in which they feature some tender moments and some clean leads that overtake the fretboard as Clapton has done in the past. The one thing that makes the difference is that the sessionwork becomes the featured handywork of Eric Clapton, predominantly dominating the album. A basic behind the scenes sound with the puzzle now complete.


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