Aztec Two-Step/Live and Rare (selections from the first thirty years)

   aztec    Milestones are created, not born. When a legacy encompasses talents and abilities pouring out over a span of decades, then we are embracing what it is offering. Aztec Two-Step have taken brilliant strides within the confines of a meandering river that has flowed ever so evenly throughout the years and survived. Catching the deluge in a Dixie cup can be tricky, but there are no tricks here, only creative ingenuity. The liner notes offer as much insight into their past as the songs themselves, even apologizing for some of the quality of the tunes because of age and the rocks from where they’ve been uncovered from. However, none are needed. This amazing collection is one of the best compilations ever constructed with true rarities, undusted gems, and nostalgia that comes alive all by itself. Hearing electric guitars bearing down upon us is a treat seeing as the acoustic has been mostly ever-present. I love this album and if time travel is your thing, then enter the live and rare capsule and experience thirty years of heart and soul unleashed. A most endearing album both lyrically and musically.

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