The Beatles “On Air Live at the BBC Volume 2”

     beatles  When you have the most influential band in music history hitting the airwaves, the United States, sporting matching suit and tie (not to mention those mop top haircuts) mayhem is expected to ensue. The response was deafening. That legacy is now ever embroidered into the fabric of the musical universe sparking and continuing along its path of creativity and wonder. These legends have not left a mark, they are the mark. We have been most blessed through the years that dusted gems such as these are rescued and released. This double CD set (also available on vinyl) have given the people what we’ve come to expect from the fab four, unleashing dusted gems into flawless ones. This amazing package includes many well-known songs of The Beatles as well as covers of the day. The little speech snippets in between the tunes are an interaction of sorts. Not only do we get to hear them speak which is something of a rarity, save for their films, but their flirtatious flair and self comedic outreach is more than felt. The songs are of a polished nature with a clean recording. And it’s always a treat to hear what they had played that may not necessarily have made it onto their albums. The hunt for Beatle material is in its fullest regalia as it has always been and never-ending. The overwhelming strength of the Beatles music has ridden a titanic wave spanning over many decades and is still paving the way for future generations who will come to know what it was like during Beatlemania and beyond.

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