Winter Harbor Maine (community and comradery at chase’s restaurant)

    FSCN1319   Finding your bearings in new surroundings can sometimes be somewhat daunting. Seeing an area for the first time can leave you with a strange sense of disconnection. It is in these times that you can base yourself with your own instincts as to how things seem, or even calling ahead and getting the lowdown on places and their reputation. However, the very best way is most likely to follow your heart. A mesmerizing little village such as Winter Harbor Maine holds a certain allure not many places can boast. Its wonderous feel and comforting smallness seems to wrap itself around you…almost spiritually. My wife and I ventured into Chase’s Restaurant since it had been close to where we were staying, which seemed a good idea when you don’t know where you’re going and the risk of getting lost lingers in the air. The atmosphere is quite welcoming, the friendliness a delight, and that good old homestyle cooking makes you realize you’ve arrived. The menu is original and delectable. There are numerous choices and the comfort level is great. Having withstood the test of time for over fifty years Chase’s still stands for its community. Our order was brought with a smile and engaging conversation about this treasured town. Lunch was delicious. We returned later for dinner to find a seasonal holiday was taking place for its patrons. Chase’s offers a yearly spread, not to its customers, but rather to its community.FSCN1326 It’s a wonderful thing to see the outreach, food, and fellowship gathering amongst the town complete with laughter, plenty to eat, and some of the kindest welcoming people we ever had the privilege to meet. Delving into a new place can be unsettling, but where the heart serves, you can be at home.

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