Winter Harbor Maine (paradise found at the winter harbor inn)

   FSCN1388    In a reclusive little corner of Maine, under a most traditional New England sky, there lies an unintentional secret on the far end of our beautiful and visually engaging state, the enchanting town of Winter Harbor, known for the labors of its harbor. Begotten as Winter Harbor for its never freezing waters due to its undercurrent activity. Within the boundaries if this small community, its year round residents make their way about its roads in a most knowing way.

    FSCN1383   My wife and I discovered this endearing town, and the Winter Harbor Inn. This captivating structure which had originally been the parsonage for the church next door, had been given a hand crafted restructuring, restoring it to its original fairness from its time circa eighteen fifty-four, complete with the same wooden floors of its day, still seeing the tree bark between its planks.

       FSCN1377The abundance of charm stands tall against the New England sky, playing next door neighbor to the harbor itself. Its picturesque setting delivers the wonders of all things Maine. And its gracious hosts and proprietors extend a generous serving of continental breakfast choices as well as a warm welcome and run of the inn.

  FSCN1380     The comfort and joy one feels within these walls are evident once you settle into its arms. Privacy and one of a kind rooms give you that restoring breath one needs to escape the trials of everyday life. They also provide politeness and courtesy as one of their mainstays in which they are proud to lavish upon you liberally.

   FSCN1545    They are pet friendly and even provide grooming services complete with exercise and romping grounds for your pet so you won’t have to leave home without them. Yes, there are places yet to be discovered, and if you venture out to a place called Winter Harbor Maine, give yourself over to paradise found at the Winter Harbor Inn, a place for all seasons.

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