Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs/Under the Covers vol. 3

    sid sue   Offsetting originals of any kind can be a touchy situation, especially if you’re the artist. And we remember them and their moment in time as part of our lives. What we were doing, who we were with and the like, but these fresh-cut cuts are so fresh they’re bleeding. The chosen numbers are never forgotten by those of us who sang them and even bought the album. They have been resurrected with a sharp vocal edge and fun bouncy pangs of music with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs making them all their own. The quirky sounds bootleg them in a newer direction much like the originals at the time. Hearty vocals and crisp instrumentation with an added two-step (maybe even a three-step) bop never betraying their original bebop style in this little eighties’ album. Give a good listen to Dave Edmund’s “Girl Talk” and The Pretenders “Kid” keeping one foot in the past and one in the present with a melodic bridge in between.

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