Stephen King/Doctor Sleep (voices, visions, and recollections)

     dr sleep  Flashbacks, hideous memories, and uncertainties rain down once again upon the life of the now grown child who had once endured the maddening experience of his shining. Ripping and rewrapping his mind in a milky white cloud of glimpses, drunken stupors, and memory lapses. So many years later his ability now hampered by alcohol and delusion, has given direction without meaning.

       It still speaks to him.

       Stalking him inside his head until doubt and unbelief take place on his sorry excuse of a life as he rambles from place to place like a bad Carney act. He finds himself reluctantly willing to follow his shine as his driven battle of wits within himself causes the earlier years of his life to give purchase to his latter ones. The dreadful faces and experiences as a child have driven him half mad and yet…no one can complete the mission for him.

       Only himself.

       And it is imperative that he does. The relentless pounding of the call leaves no rest for the weary. Lost with in the doldrums of his mind, the door opens when he finds his way inching towards destiny. The old and the new story meet in a frightful realization that you can’t run from your past if you hope to have a future. An amazing and terrifying adventure revived.

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